Pediatrician On CNN: Transgender Girls Will Walk Around Bathrooms With Their Genitals Exposed.
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During the February 27 edition of CNN Newsroom, host Brooke Baldwin led a panel discussion about Coy Mathis, a 6-year-old Colorado transgender girl who is suing her school district for the right to use female restrooms at her elementary school.

Everyone on the panel expressed support for Mathis’ position except for Dr. James Sears, co-host of the CBS show The Doctors. Sears, who is a pediatrician and television personality, warned that Mathis might walk around the girls’ bathroom with her penis exposed, like “most boys” allegedly do at that age:

SEARS: I have three kids, a daughter and two boys, and as when my daughter was that age, I would have been very uncomfortable if there was a boy with a penis walking around their bathroom. And you say that the stalls are private. You know, at that age, most boys especially will use the bathroom then leave their pants down while they walk to the sink to wash their hands and then pull it up. So it’s going to be very uncomfortable for the other girls seeing a penis in their bathroom.

JENNIFER HUTT: She’s a girl.

SEARS: She has a penis, though.

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