New Yorkers vote in primaries for mayor after a race dominated by crime and coronavirus recovery

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from The Washington Post,

New York’s Democratic primary for mayor was left unsettled on Tuesday night, with Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, a former police captain, appearing to have the advantage in the city’s first ranked-choice election.

Adams, 60, who would be just the second Black mayor of New York, emerged from a field that spent the last six months debating the city’s rising crime and the difficulty of building back after the pandemic.

Final results are not expected until July 12, given both the city’s rickety election system and new ballots that allow voters to rank up to five candidates, allotting their choices until one candidate reaches a majority.

While no winner can be declared until the end of a multipart count, the Adams campaign had suggested that it would amount to voter suppression if the candidate who had the most first-choice votes did not become mayor.

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