“One of Us”

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from Western Journal,

Pompeo Issues Scathing Criticism of Biden’s Big Moment: ‘All Carrot and No Stick’

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Sunday ridiculed President Joe Biden’s performance in last week’s meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

“He was all carrot and no stick,” the former Trump administration official said. “That won’t work with Vladimir Putin, and as a result of that, I am confident Vladimir Putin returned to Russia feeling like he accomplished an awful lot.”

“The nicest thing I can say is that it was pointless, but it’s probably worse than that,” he said.

The fact that Biden got a warm reception from European leaders means nothing to Americans, Pompeo said.

Leaders of “big-government leftist governments in Europe” were happy to see Biden because he is one of them and wants to put their type of social welfare state in place in America, the former secretary of state said.

He noted that French President Emmanuel Macron referred to Biden as “part of the club.”

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