The FBI Just Executed ‘Operation Ironside’ – They Lead 4-Continent Sting And Arrest Over 800

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from Patriot JOurnal,

“The operation by Australian and European police and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation ensnared suspects in Australia, Asia, Europe, South America and the Middle East involved in the global narcotics trade,” Reuters reported. “Over 800 suspected members of organized crime gangs were arrested and $148 million in cash seized in raids around the world. Tons of drugs were also seized.”

The project, called “Operation Ironside” used phones sold to criminals with the app ANOM on them.

The criminals, including Italian mafiosi, Asian triads, biker gangs, and transnational drug syndicates, thought the phones were safe.

They weren’t. Although basic capabilities were taken out, like making phone calls and taking photos, the app used for messages was tapped by law enforcement.

These criminal orgs used the phones for years, and the FBI (and other international police) captured over 27 MILLION messages.

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