The Alamo, Remember?

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from TPPF,

What To Know: As predicted, the revisionists have come for Texas history. Time magazine has a new piece titled, “We’ve Been Telling the Alamo Story Wrong for Nearly 200 Years. Now It’s Time to Correct the Record.” It’s as bad as it sounds.

The TPPF Take: Revisionist history is precisely why TPPF launched our “Forging Texas” film series—to tell the real story of the founding of Texas.

The story of the Texas Revolution is the story of ourselves—who we are, how we came to be, and what it means to truly be Texan,” says TPPF’s Kevin Roberts. “Texas is the extension of America’s founding, based on the principles of ordered liberty, self-government, and equality. Texas’ story is a reflection of our national identity and we continue to fight for the same ideals.”

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