Come On, Man! Biden Detonates the Infrastructure Talks

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from The Rush Limbaugh Show,

BRETT: “Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) is the latest Republican to try to go over to the White House and talk some sense into them: Listen, this infrastructure thing you all are pushing is really not infrastructure. It’s really not working out.”

These supposedly bipartisan infrastructure talks have “imploded” according to Politico — although they didn’t implode so much as Biden detonated them and walked away. Surprisingly, the New York Times headline is more accurate: “President Biden Cut Off Infrastructure Talks with Top Senate Republicans, Turning to a Bipartisan Group of Centrist Senators to Try to Salvage a Deal.”

But ,who are these moderate, centrist, middle-of-the-road people who are going to cut a deal if not Capito? She represents West Virginia, which benefits from federal spending when it comes to infrastructure and a whole lot of other projects. Capito is the counterpart to Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV),

Biden can get a simple majority of 51 votes because the vice president breaks ties, but he needs 60 to overcome the filibuster on this sort of legislation. If the president can’t get Republicans to play ball, he needs to kill the filibuster so he can ram through his unpopular agenda.

The Democrats are not going to give an inch and they’re frustrated as heck. Brett said, “The Democrats are in a tough spot right now. Joe Biden really has nothing to show for all of this effort that he’s been putting into trying to ‘secure a W’” (meaning a win). “You’ve got a guy who came out and promised all these big, bold things.

Sen. Capito tried to be a voice of reason, but she’s soured, saying Wednesday in a Fox News interview, “I’m a bit disappointed and frustrated that the White House really kept moving the ball on me and then just finally brought me negotiations that were untenable and then ended the negotiations altogether.”

Republicans like Capito suggested trying to do this and then trying to do that together, and every step of the way, Biden said, “No.” He’s essentially sabotaging the conversation. “The president has to make the case that the stuff that he’s selling as infrastructure is infrastructure.

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