“do not come”, wink, wink.

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from The Gray Area:

VP Kamala Harris in a speech with the President of Quatemala yesterday made this statement about traveling for illegal entry into the U.S., “do not come”. Well, that should do it, right. No more migrants coming to the border. Phew, I feel better now.

Didn’t Kamala, Biden and all the Democrat Presidential candidates swear at the alter of open borders during the campaign? Maybe she had a change of heart living through the crisis at the southern border that began this year.

But, wait, hasn’t she and President Biden since inauguration already:

  • ended construction of the border wall?
  • eliminated funding for other activities like technology to uncover and close tunnels into the country?
  • announced the US will provide money, healthcare, jobs and maybe even voting if you come?
  • reduced the border force and changed its guidelines for engagement?
  • said we will send you into the heart of the country after you are processed at the border so that you don’t have to stay there or in Mexico?
  • dismantled the ‘stay in Mexico ‘ agreement so that migrants know they can come right in?
  • said they will not deport you if you get in illegally?

Hmmm. Sounds like the message is clear before VP Harris spoke these words and continues to be true after.  If you come, we will let you in and make you comfortable, but we really don’t want you to come. Yep, that couldn’t be clearer. Maybe VP Harris should have said ‘do not come‘ with a wink.

And, in addition, other Democrats, like AOC and the squad, are angry at VP Harris for even saying “don’t come“.  This makes clear the contradiction within the Democrat party on its strategy for border security and immigration.

The media will be happy to repeat this “do not come” as a message to counter the Republican’s criticism of an open border in crisis. Democrats, who have been losing the polling on what is happening at the border will use the line to try to help slow that growing negative mood in the country. The statement, with this kind of support, will have some positive impact for the Democrats. Other details at the border like, sex trafficking, rape, violence, drugs, children dumped, gangs making money at the expense of people, etc., will continue to be censored.