Biden upends the Republican ‘unity’ test

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from The Washington Post,

Maybe “unity” doesn’t mean that Republicans and Democratic politicians agree on everything.

Or that a handful of Republican lawmakers get veto power over any policy.

Or that no one ever faces a tax increase.

Maybe it just means: Treat your fellow Americans with dignity, even when you disagree. At least, that was the subtext of President Biden’s speech to Congress on Wednesday — and a theme of his presidency so far.

Biden has proved a challenging adversary for Republicans to vilify. He’s a generally congenial and empathetic politician, who has a compelling personal story rife with loss. He has working-class bona fides and has resisted conscription into Republican-framed culture wars. Republicans have tried caricaturing him as old and ineffectual — yet also somehow unusually effective at transforming the country into a socialist hellscape.

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