Why Biden Couldn’t Discipline John Kerry for Briefing Iranian Terror Chiefs Even if He Wanted To.

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from National Pulse,

The Biden White House has been steadfastly silent on leaked tapes revealing that Climate Czar John Kerry swapped secrets about Israeli military operations with Iranian officials. It seems the former Secretary of State is getting off scot-free for briefing a country designated by the U.S. government as a state sponsor of terror.

… when pressed on the matter, Press Secretary Jen Psaki didn’t even sputter a promise to “circle back,” instead sternly responding with “we’re not going to comment on leaked tapes.” And three days into the scandal, mum’s still the word.

So why the silence?

Biden and Kerry are long time buddies, to be sure. But Kerry has “insurance” when it comes to his freedom within the Biden regime, and it leads back via another leaked tape: the one from Hunter Biden’s hard drive.

The tape, published exclusively by The National Pulse, reveals the president’s son boasting about being “in business” with foreign adversaries including the “f*cking spy chief of China.” The confession, along with countless emails, text messages, and financial transactions, cast Hunter Biden as a repeat offender when it comes to corruption, foreign collusion, and compromise.

And who had a front-row seat to all these blackmail-prone business dealings?

John Kerry’s stepson, Christopher Heinz.

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