Which states gain and lose in the new census report? Here are 3 takeaways.

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from The Washington Post,

Some bad news about our future gives Biden a big opening. Will he seize it?

The U.S. Census Bureau announced its once-in-a-decade reapportionment totals Monday, bestowing new congressional districts and electoral votes upon certain states while taking them away from others.

All told, seven districts will move from one state to another, based upon population shifts. Here are the basics on which states gained and lost.

First, the gainers:

Texas +2
Colorado +1
Florida +1
Montana +1
North Carolina +1
Oregon +1

And now the losers:

California -1
Illinois -1
Michigan -1
New York -1
Ohio -1
Pennsylvania -1
West Virginia -1

Below are some takeaways from the announcement.

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