The Lying Left Labels Election Integrity as “Jim Crow 2021”. Myth vs Fact revealed.

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from Heritage Action,

This week, the Senate held hearings on the nationwide election integrity reform efforts by conservatives, titling them “Jim Crow 2021”.
It is no surprise the Left needs to lie in order to get people on their side, but comparing Georgia’s new voting and ethics bill to the racist laws that were in place under Jim Crow is completely outrageous. Check out what Rep. Burgess Owens (UT-04) had to say about it:

Today’s Senate hearing told the truth to the American people: State election law reforms will make elections more secure, increase access to voting, and ultimately restore trust in the ballot box. Unfortunately, not all participants in today’s hearing told the truth. Democratic witnesses resorted to lies and attacks in an attempt to smear Georgia’s election integrity bill and intimidate other states trying to secure their own elections. These attacks served their larger campaign to jam HR 1/S 1 through the Senate and rig the rules to advance a Left-wing political agenda.

Of course, Americans aren’t buying it: an overwhelming majority of Americans from all political backgrounds support voter ID laws. They recognize that voter ID does not stop voters from voting and instead ensures voters are who they say they are, these same voters support mail-in voting reforms, bans on ballot trafficking, and other policies to strengthen election security.

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