On Resilience

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from CNN,

It’s been hellish, and it will likely go down as the toughest stretch in many Americans’ lives.

One year ago Saturday, the country went into its first stage of lockdown, though some adhered to guidelines better than others. Three hundred and sixty-five days later, Covid-19 has snuffed out more than 530,000 lives in the world’s most prosperous country — roughly one-fifth of the global death toll.

It wasn’t always pretty. The pandemic has exposed our swagger, and also our naivete and divisions, but we learned to adapt to the most devastating episode in recent history.

Recovery appears near, but we would do well to remember those among us who lost loved ones and livelihoods. They could have been any of us, and for them, the effects of the pandemic will linger long after the final vaccination phase. The best prescription? Some collective compassion.

10 lessons learned in a year of Covid-19 lockdown, below.

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