End GIGO science

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from CFACT,

America feeds the world.

Those in the Green movement who attack America’s farmers and threaten our nation’s agricultural abundance do so at all of our peril.

CFACT Senior Policy Advisor Paul Driessen submitted official testimony to EPA opposing attempts to ban the use of highly important, safe chemicals commonly used by farmers to prevent weed infestations.

EPA is making conclusions about farming’s impact on myriad species without even knowing what that impact is, or even where the species in question are. It’s all conveniently opaque.

In reality, in the end, these biological evaluations are sadly, mostly GIGO (garbage in, garbage out): multiple uncertainties in, multiple black box analyses conducted, multiple questionable conclusions out…

This analytical approach reflects the “precautionary principle” at its very worst: always focusing on alleged, often highly speculative risks of using chemicals – rarely or never on the risks of not using them…

EPA is the poster child for bureaucratic overreach. Green EPA ideologues waited out four years of Donald Trump and are now ramping their operation back up under Joe Biden.

Our food supply, like energy, is far too important to trust to biased, left-wing, junk science.

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