GOP submitting to failed progressive ideas is a losing proposition, in more ways than one

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from The Gray Area:

A recent National Review article, Restoring the Conservative Conscience was an purported attempt at a more centrist view of a post-Trump GOP. Unfortunately, it does this through the weak & failed Republicans of the recent past, submitting to progressive ideas, acquiescing to the media, and forgetting what the 75M people who voted from Donald Trump expect (and think they received from his presidency).

I agree, Republican messaging is and has been a failure for 60 years. They have the right strategy, the right agenda and a proven successful set of policies. They just don’t know or don’t care to market that message properly. They also don’t care to fight for the message. As such, they are defined (inaccurately) by the Democrat opposition in the mind of the public as racist, homophobic, masogonist, rich people who take advantage of the poor and dispossessed, don’t care about the middle class and on and on.

In addition their own incompetence at messaging, they have to find a way past the media and the anti-God, secular culture. The media will translate to a negative whatever message Republicans create. That has been done successfully for 60 years which is why Republicans are erroneously & negatively viewed by the public, And, because of media power to create images and messages (true or false), Republicans fear the media, do not fight and actually allow themselves to be embarrassed by the media and opponent definitions of them, it is accepted as truth. Also, better messaging needs to pay attention to other areas, like entertainment, music & education. All have been lost to the globalist left and their messaging about Republicans/Conservatives for the past 60 years.

Republicans/Conservatives also have to be strong enough to fight the ‘politically correct language police’ and say things that are just true. Truth is not supposed to be pretty. It is just supposed to be true and because it is true, force you to think. PC language control forces all of us in the opposite direction, not to think, but to go along. That is a political objective of the left and it works. Trump got in a lot of trouble for not being PC, but the people (conservatives) loved it, because he said what they thought. The media then spun what he said out of all resemblance to his original point and used it to support their negative Republican/Conservative narrative. Genius on their part. Incompetence on the part of Republicans. The ongoing ‘Charlottesville’ lie is a good example of this. “Charlottesville’ was one of Trump’s better moments. He spoke truth, not media narratives, not PC stereotypes and the media went into orbit for his stepping out of the PC line from them! They doubled down. The media countered that with the 20,000 lies he told. Again, no truth to that allegation (if you read their fact checks, you will see they don’t say he lies), but told daily on all media outlets that he does, and most people believe it. Republicans backed off in shame and excuses. That has to stop if any message is to win the day! Trump never backed down! And, he is loved for it.

The author makes a good point about the failures of every Republican Congress. They held all three government branches under Trump, and ran from the responsibility! Nice job Paul Ryan! That proved that Washington mainstream Republicans want to live and work in DC, not successfully pass legislation that will help the country.

Unfortunately, this article establishes as its foundation, that Republicans need to ‘submit’ to the culture, by saying Republicans need a message that adapts to the way rising generations lead their lives today. Republican messaging must be improved, but where does the Republican submission stop. He says “We’d join with progressives” – – which is why we have the failure of Republican Congresses of the past 60 years. Democrats (Progressives) keep saying they want to unify, which means come to our side. They will not move an inch to the right at all. Yet, we have people like Mr. Roy saying that what we should do is move to the left. Which, by the way, the left keeps moving the line even farther left. For example:
He accepts patriotism as nationalism which is not true and a leftist narrative. Nationalism is an attack word published by Dems & the media. And, he lets it identify Republicans. Like many Republicans let other attack words identify them and feel the need to apologize.

By the way he is wrong about the conservative absence from the civil-rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s, which is another acceptance of an inaccurate defining message from Dems & the media. The truth is more Republicans voted for the civil rights legislation in the 60s than Dems. The conservatives who fought it were conservative Dems. Those people still exist, but have not converted solely to ‘white supremacist’ Republicans as the media & Dem messaging pushes. Yet Mr. Roy accepts it. It is wrong headed and a losing strategy to push more submission.

Mr. Roy also talks about of both sides of his mouth. At one point he praises Reagan and them attacks the conservative movement (Goldwater) that created him. As you’ve heard me say before, many who voted for Reagan in the 1980s, voted for Obama & Biden in 2008 & 2020. There is nothing similar in those 2 Democrats today and Reagan of the 1980s. That reveals the success of Democrat & media narratives. Plus, a total lack of reality, access to accurate information and a failure of the electorate in just going along with the narratives.

He doesn’t seem to get what Republicans (and America as a whole are up against. For example, the loss of belief in our economic system is a global leftist strategy, not an economic failure. The strategy blames the system, because they need it to fail. George Soros says he believes the “The main enemy of the open society, is no longer the communist, but the capitalist threat.

He talks about new voters. The biggest group of new voters were born after the Berlin Wall fell and after 9/11. They have no idea what happened in the past 60 years. And, the media won’t tell them. (Heck, the media won’t tell them what happened last week.) Since 9/11, they saw the 2008 financial collapse as a failure of the capitalist system. What it actually represents is the result of government meddling in the financial system. But, the Dem & media messaging is so powerful and pervasive, that these groups of people are left only to believe what they hear most. And what is parroted by activists in their education system. They have almost no way to investigate for themselves. That trend of reduced access to a variety of information is sadly continuing at a fast rate.

And, the baby boomers failed in the 60s the same way as the millennials are now. Born after WWII, they had no idea what the world was about and started running their mouths as if they did. Bad leadership at the time (Johnson, in particular) made it worse. Combined, (uninformed Boomers & Millennials) 60 years later, this is a solid force for evil in the world to breed useful idiots, and it has.

The ‘kitchen table’ voters he mentions want style. Well, don’t we all. But, you don’t get style by submitting to the opposition and losing substance. You get style by adding it to your substance.

National Review is a never-Trumper magazine. Mr. Roy is one of them. A conservative-in-name only, a never-Trumper who is pushing a message of submission that will make Republicans the party of loyal opposition to Democrat one-party leadership. One of the never-Trumper objectives is to try to claim the 75M Trump voters by 2024. To do that they will try most anything, including fracturing the Trump base and therefore losing voters in 2024. The author attempts to fracture the Trump base in this article by describing Trump voters as very different and asking how do we bring them together. They have been brought together, by Trump. Anyone who trashes Trump in the next four years to take this submission mantle, will just lose and lose big! Sen Lindsay Graham has already learned that.

We have to realize this is not just another political election to compete for. It is too late for that. A negotiated settlement is not the answer. Winning the war of ideas is. We are now on the brink of losing the country forever. Freedoms we once took for granted are falling in front of our eyes. Negotiating away our futures with our international enemies has already begun in Washington. Agreeing with those flawed policies of our overlords is not a winning strategy. Telling people to “live as there grandfathers did”, is not either.

I have long been very pessimistic about the future of America if, after the 2020 election, we were in Democrat control of all areas of our government (except SCOTUS, but they don’t care to fight for the Constitution, it appears.). Welcome to 2021. Things that have happened since Jan 20th just confirm that serious concern. I don’t know how Republicans EVER win another election, any at all. Even if you think the 2020 election was the ‘most secure ever’, look at what HR 1 calls for regarding future elections.

Republicans own the substance argument and have for decades. To be honest, we already have the messages:
America is a good and decent place
American exceptionalism means the model not the people are better. That’s why people still risk death to come here.
America is a force for good. America’s contributions to the world and to the improving peoples lives is unsurpassed in the history of the world.
The Founders & the founding documents
American provides Life, Liberty & the pursuit of happiness. Communism provides equal outcomes.
If it is okay not to kill a microscopic organism in the way a construction project, it is not alright to kill an unborn child for convenience.
Emphasize personal responsibility not victimhood
America is a land of rugged individuals, not random groups with special interests.
Consequences of actions, not victims of others
Socialism is only sexy to the ignorant
Illustrate the lessons of history vs re-write or destroy history
Faith, family & work, in that order
Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” (legally)
Support, not defund, police & first responders
Patriotism is good
believe in science (not just some science)
against racism, homophobia, and can prove it
against gender reassignment (supported by science)
re-prioritize marriage & family in the culture (supported by science)
re-prioritize free speech over approved speech
energy independence
America First (MAGA)
Peace through strength
Free media
Small government
Low taxes
The right to bear arms and defend yourself
Healthcare for all (may not be free though). Re-build healthcare from the beginning. Eliminate government intrusions.
A country of laws and lawsuit reform

Republicans/Conservatives lose the style perception, and historically have not fought for what is right because of their fear of media name calling.

Stand on these positions, acquire Trump’s backbone, and be likeable at the same time. Reagan did it!

Republicans/Conservatives have no other choice than to be more politically aggressive with messaging and the backbone to stand up for it and against the forces of evil. SCOTUS will be our only hope the next four years, but they need to wake up to the Constitutional threat.

Or, Republicans / Conservatives have to separate on these issues going forward. Republicans submit. Conservatives stand for what is right.

If not, it may be too late now to start fighting. And, this protestor sign below may already have come true, America is over

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