Will Biden’s Policies Lead to Job Losses? Here Are Possible Economic Impacts of 4 of Them.

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from Daily Signal,

President Joe Biden’s policies, announced in the first days of his administration, potentially could kill millions of jobs, according to estimates from both government and private studies.

Since taking office Jan. 20, Biden has announced a slew of policies, including executive actions to immediately take effect and legislative proposals.

By his third day in office, Biden took three major actions that “will devastate our economy at a time when we’re already on the brink of recession,” said Alfredo Ortiz, president of the Job Creators Network, a small-business advocacy group.

Here’s a look at the impact four of Biden’s policies could have on jobs and the economy.
1. The Keystone XL Pipeline and 11,000 Jobs

2. $15 Minimum Wage and 3.7 Million Jobs

3. Paris Climate Accord and 3.1 Million Jobs

4. Eliminating Freelance Employment

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