Is There ‘A Big Lie’

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from The Gray Area:

Rand Paul debates ‘the big lie’ being pedaled by the media about the stolen 2020 election with ABCNews George Stephanopoulos. This debate reveals several things:
– a fair Republican account of some of the voting issues that remain outstanding regarding the 2020 election
– when the issue was ‘Russia collusion’ in the 2016 election against President Trump, is that the way Stephanopoulos handled the debate? When the ‘facts’ were not evident in that case did he browbeat Democrat guests about the ‘facts’? Stephanopoulos says he is stating ‘facts’ to Rand Paul in an attempt to get a leading Republican to state the election was not stolen. In the process Stephanopoulos leaves out half of the ‘facts’ which Paul brings out in his argument.
– clearly evident is the media’s liberal bias and lack of journalistic curiosity when it comes to Republican issues.

All left – right issues should be clearly debated this way, fairly and revealing all the ‘facts’ and legitimate concerns.

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