AntiFa arrested for Capitol riot, Witness claims to have seen more, & CNN Accidentally Clears Trump

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from The Rush Limbaugh Show,

RUSH: “Did CNN Accidentally Prove That Trump Did NOT Call for Violence at the Capitol?” It’s a PJ Media story by Matt Margolis. It’s so obvious.

RUSH: A story from the Gateway Pundit. FBI Arrests Antifa Leader John Sullivan in Utah After Storming U.S. Capitol

CALLER: If anybody looks at the footage of the back of the Capitol for that day, they’ll see none of that nonsense happening. There might have been some pushing and shoving around 4 o’clock as I was leaving on the side, but nothing like that happened. I also noticed there was two kids with a megaphone that came walking through the crowd at the top of those steps, and they said, “Look at that window, you can get in there, there’s only four cops that –”… When I was up there, there was two preppie looking kids with a megaphone trying to get people to attack the cops and break through a window. And I said to them, “What are you doing? You’re inciting a riot here. That’s wrong. Why would you do that here?” They shut their mouths and they walked away from me and I followed a little bit and made sure nobody attacked those cops but I would love to go through the footage and point those two kids out and if those two kids were doing it and that guy in the front was doing it, there was a lot more of them doing.

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