Without Evidence, Democrat Claims Trump Is Encouraging Violence on January 20th

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from The Rush Limbaugh Show,

This is Hank Johnson. CNN’s Newsroom this morning, Jim Sciutto — …— Jim Sciutto said to Hank Johnson, Democrat, Georgia, “Hank, is the reason you want to impeach the president before the inauguration, nine days to go, is it to hold him accountable, or is it also because you’re concerned the president might endanger the country again in the next nine days?

JOHNSON: There is abundant evidence floating around on social media on the right wing social media sites where President Trump is inciting massive crowds to converge on Washington, D.C., on — January 20th to finish what they started on January 26th [sic]. The president is calling for his supporters to continue the uprising — and continue the insurrection. What we’re seeing is the outlines of a armed rebellion of suicidal maniacs coming to Washington, D.C.

RUSH: That’s a lie.

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