Lawmakers called back to D.C. to vote on Trump’s impeachment, removal under 25th Amendment

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from NBC,

Democrats introduced the impeachment article Monday charging Trump with “incitement of insurrection” in urging his supporters to march on the U.S. Capitol last week , as well as a resolution that calls on Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to the Constitution to remove him from office before Jan. 20.

The House will vote on the 25th Amendment measure as early as Tuesday and on the article of impeachment Wednesday

ources said Pence is unlikely to sign onto any push to invoke the 25th Amendment. “I don’t think that’s an option,” one said.

Democrats delaying impeachment is totally nonsensical.

House Democrats want you to believe these two things — at the same time:

1) The threat posed by Donald Trump is so dire that, if Vice President Mike Pence won’t remove him from office this week, then they must immediately vote to impeach the President (again).
2) In order to avoid cluttering Joe Biden’s first days in office with an impeachment trial, they may wait for up to 100 days to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate.

If those two ideas seem directly contradictory to you, well, good! It means you are paying attention. Because they are directly contradictory.

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