The Left Sees an Entirely Different Double Standard Than We Do

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from The Rush Limbaugh Show,

BASS: This afternoon on CNN’s Newsroom, the anchor John King had as his guest California representative Democrat Karen Bass.

John King’s question: “Some of your colleagues — some activists around the country — remember what happened in June when there were Black Lives Matter protesters in Washington. The Capitol was very well protected by police and other law enforcement in riot gear.” Now, do you see where this is going? Do you remember…? In fact, one of the narratives today is outrage in media, “Where was the Capitol Police?

“Where was law and order yesterday? Where was the stopgap? What the hell happened?

It’s just an example of — of the double standard. Obviously Black Lives Matter’s protesters were perceived as very threatening and for some reason these weren’t. But it is so demoralizing the people, in particular African-Americans and other people of color, who know if you can even imagine if tens of thousands of young, old, African-Americans, uh, attacked the Capitol like that, what would have happened. We are just sick and tired of seeing the same type of double standard.

RUSH: So she knows there’s a double standard, but she totally blows it. She thinks the double standard is that the cops were told to stand down ’cause it was a bunch of white Trump supporters and that the cops were told to let the Trump people have their way around the place. But when everybody knew that it was Black Lives Matter coming, why, here come the racist cops with their barricades and their billy clubs and the rest of it.

Imagine how frightening. “We are just sick and tired of seeing the same type of double standard.” Meanwhile, the truth is that nobody even reported the property destruction, the fires, the looting that occurred in blue city after blue city last summer — Portland, Seattle, New York City. I could go on. She thinks that there were massive anti-black protests, massive anti-black cop attitudes.

The truth is that the narrative makers didn’t even report these riots last summer.

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