It’s Very Hard To Prove

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from The Gray Area:

As we have said before, proving voter fraud on this scale is very hard.

My car shows 160 miles per hour on the speedometer. That speed is well above any posted speed limit in America. You can prove the car was built to go that fast. You can prove it actually does go that fast. For there to be an illegal speed driven, you have to prove that I, or someone, actually drove it 160 miles per hour. Without that, you don’t have a crime.

So far, and that is the qualifier, ‘so far’, there is no proof that all the anomalies in the elections in 6 swing states were a crime. There is a lot of smoke, but no gun.

Everyone knows, even Dems and the media who deny it, but we all know that fraud happens in every election. It has since the country was founded. Evidence in New York City, Chicago and Philadelphia abound. But, we have never proven an election was stolen, though we all know that some were. Without proof, Nixon/Kennedy in Chicago & Texas, Tammany Hall in the mid 19th century, and more, they were all legitimate.

Ignore what the media says. They have no credibility, because they are all in the tank for Biden. Until there is an irrefutable smoking gun, William Barr will not declare the election was fraudulent. He is as good as we have today when integrity is needed.

And, he also said, ‘so far’.

Barr has not yet interviewed any of the witnesses the Trump Campaign has. There is more evidence to evaluate. We will see!

from The Wall Street Journal,

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