All style and no substance – failed results, but exceptional acting

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from The Gray Area:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been recognized with an Emmy Award for his leadership of the Coronavirus crisis in New York. One media outlet called it a ‘masterful’ performance.

The only thing accurate about awarding the Emmy award for a ‘masterful’ performance to Gov. Cuomo is that it is an ‘acting’ award. And, he was definitely acting.

The truth is New York’s Governor was out of control when the pandemic started, running around with his hair on fire until Pres Trump helped him out with temporary hospitals, a converted military hospital ship in port and extra ventilators.

His state has the most COVID deaths of any state.

His nursing home scandal led to unnecessary deaths of elderly people and has been ignored by the media.

And, he continues to lockdown New York and close schools driving people from the city in droves and potentially destroying one of the greatest cities on earth.

So no, lets not award an Emmy for ‘masterful’ performance to Andrew Cuomo.

Instead, award the Emmy for acting, for set decoration, for stage presence, stage design, visual effects, etc, etc, etc, because that is what happened 111 times during the pandemic – a professional presentation of state leadership, all style and no substance. He was positioned in a warehouse, with rolled up sleeves, professionally created charts, inserting messages designed to touch people, even when they were not true (Trump has not helped New York), gaslighting (New York is back) or just sad (those leaving please come back). This was a continuing series which was created to hide dismal results. And it did that very well.

Congratulations Gov Cuomo. Nice performance while your city and state crumbles.