Obvious Media Spin

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from The Gray Area:

This occurs everyday, but on this topic, the media bias spin machines were over active.

Yesterday Sen. Kevin Cramer (r-ND) was on Meet The Press and answered questions regarding the Trump election disputes, the Constitution and the transition process.

The right highlighted that Trump is within his Constitutional rights, using the legal devices outlined in the Constitution to challenge results in the election and to let it play out. It is not a ‘war on our democracy’.

The left took a small portion of his interview in which he said in fairness, that the current apparent winner of the election, Joe Biden, should be allowed to begin transition activities because he wants a prepared President vs an unprepared President.

Watch the interview below beginning at the 7:25 mark. Ask yourself what the take away was from this interview. You should find that Mr. Cramer presented a fair and level headed approach to our current situation. Then think back to when Trump was elected in 2016. At this point in the transition, the left and the leftist media were trying to get electors to go against the Constitution and vote their consciousnesses against Trump. They said nothing about a ‘war on our democracy’ then, but they do now. And, Chuck Todd is among the worst. Listen closely to his questions and comments and see if you hear anything resembling fair and level headed analysis.

This stuff is just too obvious and some days, like today, it is too easy to point out.

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