Operation Warp Speed success!

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from The Gray Area:

This week, Pfizer & Moderna announced over 90% effectiveness of their COVID 19 vaccine trials. Yet the media does not celebrate. Why? Because it is a Donald Trump success story. Whenever he would mention the progress being made the media called him a liar! That is more than a shame, it is a travesty. This is example enough by itself, and there are many other examples daily, to totally doubt everything we get from the media – EVERYTHING!

This is an unmitigated success for President Trump’s COVID leadership and his Operation Warp Speed project! Try to think of any other President, or Presidential candidate, who would have attempted to take on the US Government bureaucracy – and then succeed at it! Not one!

The federal Operation Warp Speed project to hasten development of COVID-19 vaccines awarded Moderna a $1.5 billion contract in August to ramp up manufacturing and deliver 100 million vaccine doses, enough for 50 million people. The government has an option to buy up to 400 million more doses.

Prior to this, the fastest development time for a vaccine was four years, with the mumps vaccine in the early 1960s. We now have two vaccines in under a year, both with initial effectiveness estimates at >90% with only mild side effects. That doesn’t happen without the Operation Warp Speed model, which is obvious to everyone except those who can’t peek out over the top of their own ego.

“This is an unmitigated success and we should acknowledge that,” CNN anchor Jake Tapper declared. “The Moderna vaccine was done with funds from Operation Warp Speed… and I think it’s important that people working so hard… get credit for this. And President Trump was the one who okayed it.”

Tremendous success in overcoming regulatory and bureaucratic red tape, and showing guts and vision to pay for the vaccine before it was developed, Sen Portman said.

Politics, not healthcare, remains the highest priority around the COVID 19 response and vaccine development and delivery.

The New York Times announced the good news and then inserted this bubble bursting comment: Moderna is the second company to report preliminary results from a large trial testing a vaccine. But there are still months to go before it will be widely available to the public.

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo said that he would “not accept any vaccine that comes from Donald Trump.” Cuomo announced in late September that the state would form an independent task force of scientists, doctors and health experts that would review data from every Covid-19 vaccine approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

In response, Trump said: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo “will have to let us know when he’s ready for it because otherwise, we can’t be delivering it to a state that won’t be giving it to its people immediately”.