IBD/TIPP Poll Tightens, new Hispanic poll in FLA and the Fake WISC Poll with One Week to Go

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from The Rush Limbaugh Show,

RUSH: IBD/TIPP: Trump now ahead of where he was in 2016. … The prognostication problems with the 2020 election continue. To listen to the talking heads at CNN and NBC, the only question left in terms of the presidential race is what color gown Jill Biden will wear to the inauguration. That is how in the bag they are trying to make you think this is.

So why do we keep seeing news items like this from Investor’s Business Daily? The latest tracking poll from them landed yesterday, and they’re showing a continuation of the reversal of the president’s recent slippage nationally. Yeah, Biden’s still ahead, but his lead sits at just a little more than four points. Contrary to most of the headlines that we’ve been seeing…

In other words, Trump is performing better right now than he was in 2016 against Hillary.

And then there’s this headline from Newsweek: “If The Popular Vote Is Close, Biden’s Path To Victory Grows Increasingly Tenuous — If the popular vote between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden is nearly a tie, Trump has an 88 percent chance of re-election.”

Don’t Panic Over This Fake Wisconsin Poll either.

It’s got all these different classifications. The Real Clear Politics average on Election Day 2016 had Hillary up 6.5 in Wisconsin. Today, the Real Clear Politics average — including this ABC/Washington Post poll — has Biden up 7.8. Not 17. So people are freaking out over this. But if you go back to 2016, you see almost identical predictions that Hillary was just gonna romp in Wisconsin.

“Luntz said the battleground states include Nevada and Minnesota. ‘Those are the states that Republicans are eyeing very carefully because they’ve got a shot in those two states. So, in reality, this is not a nationwide election. This is a state-by-state election,’ Luntz said,” which it always is, always has been. But whatever. Look, and I’m not trying to jump in Luntz’s chili here.

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