‘Big Guy’ in China Deal Email Was Joe Biden, Former Hunter Biden Partner Says

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from EPOCH Times,

A former business associate of Hunter Biden confirmed that he was one of the recipients of the email published last week by the New York Post, which details proposed payout packages and equity shares in a Biden venture with a now-defunct Chinese energy conglomerate.

Tony Bobulinski, whose name and email appear in the recipient list of the email, told The Epoch Times in an email that the deal outlined in the message concerned a partnership between Chinese energy firm CEFC and the Biden family.

The email published by the Post details “remuneration packages” for several Hunter Biden associates, including “850” for Hunter Biden and “500,000” for “Jim,” a reference to James Biden, the brother of former Vice President Joe Biden.

The message, written by Hunter Biden associate James Gilliar on May 13, 2017, goes on to detail “a provisional agreement that the equity be distributed as follows:

20 H

20 RW


20 TB

10 Jim

10 held by H for the big guy?”

Bobulinski said that the “big guy” in the email was a reference to Joe Biden, the current Democratic presidential nominee.

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