ACB proves that women only matter to Dems if they accept the progressive victimhood ideology

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from The Gray Area:

Monica Hesse just confirmed what has been known for decades, Democrats & feminists are not for the progress of woman. They are only for the woman who is a progressive and will consistently support the progressive agenda. The same goes for blacks, hispanics, LGBTQ, and every other identity group the Democrats claim to champion. In her article in The Washington Post, Amy Coney Barrett is a strong woman. That doesn’t make her a feminist icon., Ms. Hesse uses this summary to draw a distinction between Amy Coney Barrett and feminists:

If we’re truly playing identity politics, the question is not whether Barrett is a woman. It’s not even whether she supports women. The question is whether the judge, as a member of the highest court in the land, will interpret the law in a way that will allow women to support themselves.

This obtusely worded statement is as close as the left will get to admitting women’s rights are about ideology, not what is best for women. Read the article. You will see the circular logic and lack of complete thought that goes into trying to defend the indefensible. This failed attempt to explain a concept comes from someone who has been dupped into believing something that ‘just ain’t so’.

The important distinction here is that if Dems (Progressives, leftists, Marxists) were legitimately ‘for’ women, they would be eager to negotiate with other people like Ms. Barrett, who share the goal of progress ‘for’ women, but might have an honest disagreement about how to do that and do not believe in being a constant victim gets one ahead in this world.

But, they are not interested in that discussion.

You either get on board the bandwagon, or get run over. That is classic Marxist revolutionary behavior, and only recently has been admitted by other groups in the Democrat compilation of group vs individual identity.