Amy Coney Barrett is a strong woman. That doesn’t make her a feminist icon.

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from The Washington Post,

“What happened to Democrats supporting women?” demanded the headline of a recent column in the Hill.

“You would normally have the feminists on the left lining up to defend her,” Sen. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.) said at a news conference. “So we’re asking, where are those women?”

McSally was participating in an event held by several female Republican senators that had been marketed online as: “Speak[ing] on Democrats’ double-standard when it comes to covering women in public service.”

The argument they’re making is based on the following understanding of identity politics: Feminists, claiming to be for women’s empowerment, are required to support all groundbreaking women. President Trump, by nominating a woman, has therefore removed sexism from the discussion, and now feminists are just whining hypocrites.

That ain’t it.

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