A Reading of the Political ‘Tea Leaves’ in Florida

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from The Gray Area:

Michael Bloomberg has announced he will throw $100,000,000 of his money behind Joe Biden … in Florida. Not overall. Not overall on several swing states. Nope, just Florida.

Its not hard to see why Florida though. If Trump loses Florida, he has an almost impossible chance at winning re-election. If he loses PA or Michigan or Wisconsin or a few others in some combination, he could still squeak by. But not if he loses Florida. So it makes sense to focus like a laser on Florida.

Also, Trump has momentum in Florida and has erased Biden’s lead in the polls in recent weeks.

And, Trump is outpacing Biden on donations from small donors, which indicates enthusiasm.

So that’s pretty much it, right?

Not so fast. We have already agreed that this election is setting up to be an historic mess! I believe we are witnessing an investment in ‘ballot harvesting’ in Florida.

‘Ballot harvesting’ is a voting tactic, legal in some states, not in others, whereby party volunteers can assist registered voters in submitting their ballots during elections. They may be absentee or mail in or quite frankly any other form of ballot available. This was done with great success in Orange County, California in 2018, swinging 5 precincts from Republican winners on election day (one by a double digit lead) to Democrat winners up to a week later. So the Democrat Party knows they can successfully do this. What they need is money to purchase the ‘ballot collectors’.

This is why Bloomberg is coughing up $100,000,000 in Florida I believe, to purchase the legs needed to collect enough ballots to swing Florida in the week(s) after the November 3rd election.

Okay, so you think this is just another conspiracy theory. Talk to me November 4 – ??. Lets see what happens in Florida.