California Deputies Shot in Ambush Are Expected to Recover, Authorities Say

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from New York Times,

President Trump, who has been attempting to use scenes of violent protests and attacks on police officers to portray himself as a voice of law and order, retweeted the shooting video early Sunday, saying, “Animals that must be hit hard!”

Later in the evening, a few protesters gathered outside the hospital where the deputies were being treated, blocking a driveway leading to the emergency department. The Sheriff’s Department said that at least one of the protesters said he hoped the deputies would die.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested a reporter who was covering the shootings, Josie Huang of the public radio station KPCC and the website LAist. Deputy Morgan Arteaga, a Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman, said Ms. Huang had been arrested on charges of obstructing officers.

But on Sunday, Ms. Huang provided her own account of her arrest in tweets and videos that showed her identifying herself as a reporter.

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