Dormant ‘zombie fires’ are burning in the Arctic again

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from New York Post,

Fierce fires that have lain dormant for months are igniting once again across the Arctic region.

The so-called “zombie fires,” which are remnants of record blazes seen last year, may be reemerging due to an unusually warm and dry spring.

As previously documented in other cold regions, such as Alaska, the infernos survive underground during winter and then reignite in spring.

In Russia alone, an estimated 3.3 million hectares of remote forest burned in 2019 – equivalent to more than six million football fields.

Last year’s Arctic blazes were unprecedented, releasing an estimated 50 megatons of carbon dioxide in June and 79 megatons in July.

Together, that’s equal to the exhaust fumes belched out by 36 million cars.

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