RFK Jr. Says Fauci Stands to Make Millions from COVID-19 Vaccine Patent

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from The Rush Limbaugh Show,

RUSH: Look at this. Dr. Fauci and Colin Kaepernick are gonna receive the award for commitment to social change. … But this is very telling. Dr. Fauci, Colin Kaepernick being bestowed the RFK Ripple of Hope Award — RFK, that’d be Robert F. Kennedy, Ripple of Hope Award, this year they are both being given the award for — ready for this? — their commitment to social change.

I thought Dr. Fauci was in medicine. I thought Dr. Fauci was in infectious diseases. I thought Dr. Fauci said that all this kind of stuff doesn’t matter to him. That he is a doctor. But he’s gonna get the Nipple of Hope Award from the RFK whatever it is foundation because of his commitment to social change. He’ll be right up there Colin Kaepernick.

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