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Biden says at debate he doesn’t support Green New Deal, but his campaign website calls it ‘crucial framework’

Neighbor (black) shots 5 yr old boy (white) in the head at point blank range.
Media doesn’t care.
Neighbor (white) shots 5 yr old boy (black) in the head at point blank range.
National outcry.

NBA makes billions in the US yet it protests the US, the flag and the anthem in the name of race & human rights.
NBA makes billions from China, but does not protest human rights abuses in China and fires executive who does.

Social media companies remove doctors offering their experience with Hydroxychloroquine, but leave published child rape, pornography, violent attacks on President Trump and violent riots, just to name a few. #hypocrats

Media were appalled that Trump accused Biden & Dems of being anti-God.
Media ignores 2012 Dem party convention which removed God from its platform.
And add the anti-religion activities going on now on a daily basis.
If you represent the Democrat party, according to their 2012 platform and actions, you are anti-God.

The View’s Sunny Hostin was quick to label Trump mentally unfit to hold the office of President a few months ago. On Sept 11th, she said it was inappropriate to opine about mental fitness of Joe Biden. It feels crass to me. https://newsdesk.io/sunny-hostin-inappropriate-crass-to-question-bidens-mental-fitness-thats-not-what-she-said-about-trump/

Dems & media say believe every woman, hashtag, hashtag. They say count every vote. Yet when Americans come forward with signed affidavits of voter fraud, they say these people are not to be believed.

Talking about election fraud is dangerous and harmful to our democracy. But talking about the Russia hoax was not dangerous and harmful to our democracy. But, locking down American , telling them where they can go, how many they can associate with, they cannot go to church, is not dangerous and harmful to our democracy.

Bill Gates Carbon hypocrisy
“Bill Gates was listed in 2019 as the number one carbon footprint of all the celebrities. He beat Al Gore, Jennifer Lopez. He beat Bernie Sanders and a bunch of others [including] Harrison Ford. He came out number one, Bill Gates. He has a new book coming out about the climate crisis; what we can all do. He spoke to the World Economic Forum and claimed we have to change every aspect of our lives to fight global warming but Bill Gates is not willing to do it. The last estimate in 2010 he paid $30,000 a month in his electricity bill at his home. Since he…recently bought a 43 million-dollar oceanfront property, [he’s] not very worried about sea-level rise apparently.”

77. (070321) Gov. Noem (R): double standard that Biden would host an Independence Day event at the WH & encouraged Democratic allies to hold their own events.
“fireworks are fine at the White House, but not at Mount Rushmore.”
The only difference is that Noem is a Republican.

76. (062421) Interesting, ‘Maverick’ Politicians are only Applauded if they are Reps siding with Dems.

75. (062321) His name needs to be changed, too!

74. (062221) Media hypocrats- Don Lemon

73. (061621) In this article, Ruth Marcus argues that SCOTUS justices should not leave for political reasons while saying Breyer should leave to give Dems a chance to replace him. Political reasons?

72. (060721) #Democrats are prepared to spend $2B to “secure” their office spaces, but previously fought the Trump Administration’s efforts to spend similar amounts for a #borderwall to secure and protect the American people.

Capitol fencing keeps people out, but border fencing doesn’t?

71. (060421) Biden Belongs To Organization With White Supremacist Roots
Bombshell Investigation Reveals Biden Belongs To Organization With White Supremacist Roots

70. (052921)

69. (051921)

68. (051821)

67. (042921) Progressives say #Republicans lie about American #racism and want the entire party cancelled.

Why don’t the radical lefties cancel the #Democrats party for their ACTUAL history of racism in America?

66. (042821) Guiliani’s home was raided today for his dealing with Ukraine.

Curiously, no investigation or raiding of the home of Hunter Biden for his dealings with Ukraine?

Almost a year into rioting around the country & Dems bail rioters out of jail.

65. (033121) #Biden, #Dems & #media all want us to carry a #COVID19 Vaccine #Passport to identify us as being safe to fly, go in a store or just walk around.
Interesting that they do not want us to use that passport for #VoterID, to identify us as safe to vote.

64. (032921) Democrats cannot erase the history of hypocrisy on filibusters

63. (031621) Concern over book “How to be an Antiracist” got this response from the Navy: “exposure to varied viewpoints improves sailors’ critical thinking skills”
But, this is not good for Dr Seuss, Pepe LePew, Speedy Gonzales, if your wear a MAGA hat or support Donald Trump.

62. (031521) #WaPo finally admits #COVID is not a death sentence, opposite the narrative they ran all of 2020 when #Trump was #President.

61. (030921) Hypocrisy of COVID Lockdowns

60. (030921) Hypocrisy of ‘cancel culture’!

59. (030321) CA teachers union president who led school closure charge seen dropping daughter off at in-person preschool

58. (030221) Purposeful hypocrisy.
– Juveniles no longer tried as adults for capital crimes says LA DA.
– HR 1 says 16-17 yr olds should vote.

Which is it? Have their brains developed enough to vote but not be accountable for their actions?

57. (030221) Telling Hyatt to exclude a group because they are not inclusive. Duh, isn’t that what you are complaining about?

56.‘Almost Unsurvivable’: Meghan Markle, Wearing $4,700 Dress, Complains About Life As A Royal


55. A stunning display of hypocrisy, Raskin voiced his objection during the certification of President Trump’s victory in January 2017.

HYPOCRITES: Dem Impeachment Leader Attempted to Block Trump Election Certification (Video)

54. Democrats lecture Trump for not defending people against violence.
Dems will not condemn violence against Reps or Trump

Biden, Pelosi Should Condemn Vandalism of Trump Attorney’s Home, Based on Impeachment Standard

53. (020121)The pot calling the kettle black!

52. (020121) In October, Biden suggested that President’s who rule by Executive Order are dictators. He set a new record with 40 in his first 9 days.

Flashback: Before Signing Barrage of Executive Orders, Biden Said Only Dictators Rule That Way

51. (012921) #JoeBiden in 2006: “I voted for a fence!”
#PresidentBiden’s first act was to stop #BorderWall construction & push for MASSIVE #amnesty for the 11 to 20 million illegals in our country.
What changed Joe?!

50. (012621) Man Who Called Half The Country Racists All Year Calls For Unity

49. (012621) When Insurrection Was Okay

48. (012521)Democrats were for occupying capitols before they were against it …

47. (012021)The party that insisted we ‘defund police’ during summer race riots, destruction & murder, the Dems, have militarized Wash DC and state capitols around the country ahead of #BidenHarrisInauguration. Height of hypocrisy.

46. (012021) Krugman 120120
When Joe Biden is inaugurated, he will immediately be confronted with an unprecedented challenge — and I don’t mean the pandemic, although Covid-19 will almost surely be killing thousands of Americans every day. I mean, instead, that he’ll be the first modern U.S. president trying to govern in the face of an opposition that refuses to accept his legitimacy. And no, Democrats by and large were not claiming Donald Trump was illegitimate, just that he was incompetent and dangerous.
Amazingly blind, ignorant or just blatantly biased.

45. (012021)Dems & media have for years said that ‘walls’ do nothing.
Today, inauguration day, they are erecting ‘walls’, protected with armed guards everywhere, to supposedly protect themselves & their new President.

44. (0119221) https://babylonbee.com/news/trump-criticized-for-loudly-denouncing-incoming-administration-and-not-just-spying-on-them-like-a-normal-president/?utm_source=RFMain-20210119&utm_medium=ae-email&utm_campaign=RFMain
43. (011221) All you can do is laugh at this level of obvious hypocrisy.
Twitter censors free speech in US during election, but stands up for free speech in Uganda ahead of election.

42. (011221) Not one word of condemnation!

41. (010821) #media double standard became crystal clear on Wed. Media should refer to 2 similar protests the same way.
CNN called anti-Kavanaugh crowd who took over Senate Ofc Bldgs in 2018, “protesters”.
CNN called pro-Trump protesters who stormed the Capitol, “rioters.”

40. (010621) DC Mayor #MurielBowser (D) says rally at Capitol in DC will not be tolerated, wants law & order.
This summer she had the police stand down during weeks of riots, painting of the streets and tearing down monuments.

39. (121920)Sen. Shaneen denounced Trump for calling people traitors & sought to protect officials who denounced his use of the label “enemies of the people” against reporters. Just two years ago, Trump was called a Stalin for using such labels by Dems.

Sen. Shaheen Calls Out Colleagues Questioning Biden’s Victory As Possible Traitors


38. (121920) Monday’s “The View,” #JoyBehar claimed she’s been “respectful to Melania” Trump as First Lady. However, it didn’t take long for this to blow up, as it’s well known that she’s been especially cruel to Melania over the past 4 yrs.

37. (121620)

36. (121620) Toobin Is Another Example of Democrat Privilege

35. (121520) 2016 – California discusses #secession after #Trump election.
2016 – #Media quiet

2020 – Limbaugh mentions he hears people on the right talking about #secession after #Biden win.
2020 – #Media goes berserk, Geraldo calls it treasonous.

34. (121520) The #MEDIA goes ballistic over #WSJ article questioning their attraction to #JillBiden’s doctorate and author gets #cancelled.

Yet #MEDIA called #MELANIATRUMP everything including a prostitute, and no one got fired!


33. (121120) TIME Magazine, and the media in general, have no idea how this type of decision makes them look stupid, obvious and hypocritical!
TIME”s Person of the Year – President-Elect Biden & Kamala Harris!

32. (121020) Marie HARF: …comments made that Swalwell had a relationship, was compromised. Nothing is borne out by reporting, by facts, by evidence. So, when reporting these sensitive natl sec stories we need to focus on facts.
Hey Marie, remember the Russia hoax reporting …

31. (120220) media covered every hearing, news conf, & courtroom activity associated with the Russia hoax. They are covering none of the 2020 election fraud hearings, news confs, & courtroom activity. Any idea why?

30. (112320) #MeetThePress in the Sen. Cramer interview yesterday focused on Constitutional crisis that Trump leads by challenging the 2020 election results.
The media ignores such challenges & unconstitutional activity in #Gore in 2000 & what Dems did in 2016 & beyond.

29. (112120) Joe Biden Calls For ‘A Time To Heal’ After 4 Years of Attacking Trump

28. (111920) Do as I say, Not as I do! #COVID guidelines are for everyone else.

27. (111620) Obama compares Trump to dictator who suppresses journalists, after his own admin targeted reporters,

26. (111620) Hillary tells Biden not to concede, ever.
Trump refusing to concede is a threat to democracy.

Dems say disputing the election is a threat to democracy.
Hillary Clinton Was Still Disputing Election Results, Three Years Later



25. (111320) Amazing stuff as MSNBC’s #JoyReid and #adamschiff say #Republicans investigating a #Biden administration would not only be obstruction, but a degradation of our democracy and waste of the people’s time.

WOW! You really can’t make this stuff up!

24. (111020) Dems complain about Trump’s election disputes and claims of voter fraud after 6 days.

Gore/Bush took 36 days and Dems wanted it to go on…..

23. (111020) #WhoopiGoldberg told conservatives, no resistance, to “suck it up” about #Biden’s presidential win “like we sucked it up” with #Trump.
An official ‘#resistance’ started immediately after 2016 election, supported by Hollywood, the media and Congressional Dems.

22. (110920) #Biden asks America for patience as #Trump leads big on election day.
3 days later when results turn his way, yet voting disputes mount, #Biden declares victory, celebrates with #Harris + spouses, starts mapping out #BidenTransition and post inauguration policies.

21. (110420) It is funny to listen to the cacklers complain about POTUS when their nominee is potty-mouthed, cynical, mean

20. (102320) #Biden frames #fracking as part of his plan to end fossil fuels in front of liberal audiences ..
Alternatively a commitment to not immediately get rid of fossil-fuel related jobs to centrist ones …
“… no question I’m in favor of banning fracking,” #Harris said.

19. (101820)#Dems ask who is it that #Trump owes $400M to and what are they asking for in return?
#Dems ignore millions ( maybe billions) #Biden extorted from foreign countries (#China, #Ukraine, etc) that he still owes favors to!

18. (100520) Trump adds black lives matter sticker to SUV so media cant claim hes spreading Covid.

17. (100220) New York Times Publishes Column By “Beijing’s Enforcer” In Hong Kong
Apologizes For Column by U.S. Senator Cotton

16: (092920) 1 of 2:
#Dems don’t like people of faith, but will tolerate some.

#RBG said: “I am a judge, born, raised and proud of being a Jew,” she said. “The demand for justice runs through the entirety of the Jewish tradition.”

2 of 2:
#ACB: “I’m a faithful Catholic…19 years of Catholic education…{some times], the Church has not agreed with a vote of mine…[thus] my personal church affiliation & religious belief would not bear on my duties as a judge.”
#Dems don’t like ACB’s answer.

15. (092520) PA military ballots found discarded, 78% were Trump votes!
Apparently for #Dems, only important to count every Dem vote!

14. (092220) There is enough #hypocrisy to go around on the subject of filing the #RBG SCOTUS seat

1 of 2:

– Dems in 2016 say let Pres Obama nominate a replacement for Scalia and have Senate confirm.
– Dems in 2020 say wait until after the election to nominate a replacement for RBG.

2 of 2:

-Reps in 2016 say we will not vote on Pres Obama’s nomination to replace Scalia.
-Reps in 2020, say we will vote on Pres Trump’s candidate to replace RBG.

13. (091820) Trump ate a taco salad on Cinco de Mayo and the left lost their minds.
Biden does this and the left doesn’t bat an eye.


12. (091820) Minneapolis City Council votes to #DefundPolice.
Then crime increases.
Minneapolis City Council calls in Police Dept to ask what they are doing about the increase in crime! https://startribune.com/mpls-council-members-press-chief-for-response-to-crime-wave/572422612/
I’m sorry folks, you just can’t make this stuff up.

11. (091620) LOL
State That Just Voted To Reduce Penalties For Pedophiles Not Sure Why God Keeps Lighting Them On Fire

10. (090320) #Biden goes to meet with a #Farrakhan supporter. Dems & Media celebrate.

If #Trump went to meet with a #KKK supporter, what would the Dems & Media say?


9. (090120) #pelosi #pelosihair…enough said

8. (082620) Bette Midler attacks Melania Trump as ‘illegal immigrant’ who ‘can’t speak English’.
Dems she supports want open borders, meaning no one is illegal and no requirement for speaking English.
BTW, Melania speaks 5 languages and is a naturalized American citizen!

7. (081520) From Jonathan Turley:
Swalwell called for commission to investigate Trump’s crimes after election. https://thehill.com/homenews/house/512140-swalwell-calls-for-creation-of-presidential-crimes-commission-to-investigate

Yet Democrats insist the Durham investigation should end and claim the country has moved on from Russia investigation. https://thehill.com/opinion/judici


6. (081420) Democrats strongly believe there is not voter fraud in the US elections.
Yet, they also strongly believe that the Russians can and did affect voting in the 2016 elections.
Which is it?

5. (081320) Kamala Harris Said She Believes Women Who Accused Joe Biden of Sexual Misconduct

4. (081220) #Pelosi favored #PayrollTax cut under #Obama as a ‘victory for all Americans.’
Opposes it under #Trump.

3. (081120)’Biden’ chooses VP based on skin color & gender.
Media applauds.
change one name.
‘Trump’ chooses VP based on skin color & gender.
Think the media & Dems would have a cow?

2. (081020) Secret to DAILY HYPOCRATS: If you change one word, usually a name, in the headline or politician’s statement, you can spot the hypocrisy. Works for media from the right and the left plus political comments.
Media ignores/downplays story about Virginia Roberts Giuffre said she saw former President Bill Clinton at Jeffrey Epstein’s private island. Change one name as follows: Virginia Roberts Giuffre said she saw President Donald Trump at Jeffrey Epstein’s private island. You think the media/Democrats would ignore the story, true or not? Nope! #hypocrats

1. (080720) The media downplays Biden’s statements when he says he is not intending to be racist.
The media hypes Trump’s statements as racist when he says he is not intending to be racist.

Black Lives Matter can be painted on DC street, but Black ‘pre-born’ lives matter can’t be written in chalk in front of Planned Parenthood.

Hypocrats: Dems say we need a Natl Covid plan, but when Trump involves Natl policing against riots they go ballistic

Hundreds of people were allowed to attend a very public funeral for John Lewis. Most Americans can not have funerals for their relatives due to COVID concerns. Yet the media highlight COVID concerns at Trump rallies, but say protests and riots are not ‘superspreader’ events.

DC’s mayor exempts politicians from strict quarantine rules, but says normal people must follow them

biden selects Aunt Jemima as VP

Twitter cancels Donald Trump Jr for hydroxycholorquine post, but not Jake Tapper for same thing

Nadler admonishes Reps in House hearing for not wearing masks while his is around his chin.

DEMS say they are for black people, but hate and attack black conservatives, successful black professionals and anyone who doesn’t agree with them politically.(Diff between Herman Cain & John Lewis)

Limbaugh: Blaming COVID, Media and Democrats will not let people go to church but will let people riot in the streets

The Green’s cannot demand that we expand the nation’s power grid to include widespread, inefficient wind and solar installations, and at the same time deny us the copper it takes to do so.

Hillary – Babylon Bee 2020 vs 2016- not accepting election results