Video explains only historic ‘systemic racism’

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from The Gray Area:

‘Systemic Racism’ is hotly debated today as the source of police brutality toward blacks and our overall race issues. Last year, ACT.TV attempted to explain ‘Systemic Racism‘. Systemic Racism is not explained in the video by ACT.TV.

This video is deeply flawed in its conclusion of ‘systemic racism’ for all the ills befalling the black community.

It is very good at explaining ‘systemic racism’ up to the 1950-60s, but not even close for 2020, 2 plus genrations later.

It makes a giant leap from 1960s racism to the current world without ever including the changes made in the 60s-70s to fix redlining, education, homeownership, jobs and every other aspect of life. It also excludes the harm done by such good intentions as the War on Poverty which created inner city ghettos, destroyed black families and enhanced a center for crime, violence and lawlessness.

The question not asked or answered in this video, or anywhere else for that matter, is why.
Why all those changes were made and unintended (we hope) consequences occurred and have been ignored?
Why, does no one want to admit that these supposedly unintended consequences exist and impact black people negatively today?
Why, do we revisit half a century ago and longer when those problems have been dramatically improved?
Why is there no redlining, but there are still undesirable areas for investment? Natural or racism?

Heather MacDonald does an excellent job in her WSJ article of explaining this issue and helping to set the stage for answers to the above questions.

The element of Beam or Splinter would be a needed dialogue on this critical issue.