CBS, too obvious

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from The Gray Area:

Today on Face The Nation, there was a good balance of Republican and Democrat positions on the issue of pandemic response and race and police brutality.

– one side says it is all President Trump’s fault. The other says President Trump has done everything right. Neither is accurate.
– one side says the President is a racist. The other says he is not. One of these is incorrect.
– one side says radical change is necessary. The other side takes a more measured approach. Which one is correct?

Interesting too, as is so often the case, the facial expression and tone of the interviewer is noticeably different depending on the guest.
– with VP Pence, the facial expression was stern and dismissive, and the tone and body language was argumentative and confrontational.
– with Gov. Inslee, the facial expression was more relaxed and the tone more curious. Confrontation was limited to one direct question about the situation in his state, but the answer was allowed without comment or refutation, the opposite with VP Pence.
– With Sen Scott, a black man, the facial expressions were warm and receptive and the tone and body language almost deferential
– With Sherrilyn Ifill, President and director-counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, a black woman, similar facial and tone conditions applied as to Sen. Scott.

There are two sides to both of these two major issues. A measured, non-political approach is necessary for both. Politics has to be recognized for what it is on these two issues and separated out. CBS Face The Nation did not do that. They tried with Vice President Pence to ignore the political by not letting VP Pence comment on it without injecting comment and reflection.

The good news about this Face The Nation show today is that it provided the appropriate 2 sides to each major issue. Unfortunately, it also showed the media preference to one position, both overtly and unconsciously.

CBS, keep trying. You can do better.