Key To COVID-19 Recovery & Saving Lives: Deregulation

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by John Goodman,

from Goodman Institute,

Regulations that lock down the economy are killing people. Deregulation is saving them. That’s the theme of several research projects at the GIPPR. It’s also the theme of my latest post at Forbes.

How deregulation is saving lives.

Governmental bodies are repealing laws, suspending regulations, and ignoring previous restrictions that impeded the ability of the private sector to act. They are liberating doctors, nurses, drug manufacturers, test makers, makers of personal protective equipment, etc., to do things that were illegal to do only a few months ago.

Damage is being done to the healthcare system by closing off elective surgery. People who need to see doctor are not doing it – unless they are really, really sick. There is a huge drop off of heart attack & stroke patients showing up – costing lives.

Deregulation will help by using Telemedicine, cellphone, Zoom, etc.; to save lives. Care in your own home. Get a doctor you can talk to at nights & weekends, across state lines … Use a health savings account …

The Americans for Tax Reform calculates that 397 regulations have been waived in order to fight COVID-19. That count is probably way too low….

Fortunately, the Trump administration was ahead of the game, making many needed changes before the COVID-19 virus hit. Once in crisis mode, Congress and state governments also responded – apparently in sheer desperation.

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