With virus under control, Australia and New Zealand may form a travel ‘bubble’

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from The Washington Post,

With their novel coronavirus outbreaks under control, New Zealand and Australia are discussing forming a “travel bubble” that would allow people to resume international journeys across the Tasman Sea without quarantine restrictions.

The move, which is still weeks if not months away, would enable both countries to take a step toward normality and help their tourism industries. It also would serve as a potential template for other governments as they emerge from the crisis.

Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s prime minister, is scheduled to join Australia’s national cabinet meeting, along with Australian state premiers, on Tuesday to discuss the proposal.

“Such a meeting is without precedent … Scott Morrison, Australia’s prime minister, last week suggested that Ardern call into the meeting to discuss the arrangement. The two leaders are from opposite ends of the political spectrum and have clashed previously, but they are seeing eye-to-eye on the coronavirus recovery effort.

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