Common Sense? Good Judgement? Personal Responsibility? Media ‘TDS’!!

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from The Gray Area:

Following is a sad story in a thread of tweets:

This story, while sad, has many lessons we can all learn if we drop PC limitations and talk reality. Reality & truth can harsh, but is needed to protect others from making similar mistakes.

This situation reflects a lack of common sense, good judgement, a culture without personal responsibility & Media ‘TDS’. Let me explain.

1. Lack of Common Sense. Just because the President, some TV doctor, or anyone else for that matter, says they are working on a drug called ‘deathbyfish’, does that mean take anything you can find that sounds or looks like ‘deathbyfish’?
2. Lack of Good Judgement. If you find an unusual, ‘deathbyfish’, drug in the pantry, do you just take it? If you have no risk factor for the disease other than 60+ yrs old, should you panic about getting the disease? Should you take ‘preventative’ measures that you heard about being under consideration on TV, know little about and may have misunderstood?
3. Lack of Personal Responsibility. Our ‘victim culture’ immediately looks for someone else to blame when we make mistakes of common sense and judgement. Here the victim starts to blame President Trump for explaining that the coronavirus team was working on something, chloroquine, for malaria patients, that is promising and could offer hope. So it is his fault if someone does something stupid with that information. This is like putting a disclaimer on a plastic bag that says ‘putting this bag over your head could cause suffocation and death’! Of course it could, stupid! Yet, we see these disclaimers everywhere. Our country lacks personal responsibility, a foundation for what has been the strength of the American experiment. It has been slowly driven out of our culture – on purpose.
4. Media ‘TDS”. Absolutely! The media, with NBC among the leaders of the gang, is so obsessed with eliminating Donald Trump, they will put out articles and tweets, like this story, targeting Trump – – – and then, later, buried at the end, the truth comes out. Don’t believe ANYTHING you see, read or hear from the deranged media.

Learn the lessons:
– use common sense and good judgement, that is your personal responsibility
– our media is Despicable and not to be believed!
– to get complete information – – Vary your news sources.
– consider, how these same traits above accurately describe the radical, Democrat, progressive, left – – when you add ‘anger’!