What the media won’t tell you about the Australian wildfires

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by Joe Bastardi,

from CFACT,

I will be shorter than usual (that’s a relief).

Here, from WIKI data are total acreage burnt in Australia/year since the early 70s:

They have been decreasing since the 70s.

To put this in perspective this year’s wildfires may have burnt an area the size of Switzerland but the past has been more horrific.

40+ years ago, in the mid-1970’s, wildfires in Australia were 10x worse.

In addition, droughts in 1977-1978 and 2002-2003 were as bad or worse in eastern Australia. Yet does the media put it in perspective?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Instead of writing 3000 words, hopefully, these 3 pictures make my point.

This is not about climate, its about using climate hysteria and weaponizing any event for another agenda. You are free to guess what that is.

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