Donald Trump’s Confidence Overwhelms the Haters

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from The Rush Limbaugh Show,

RUSH: The Trump rally last night was a barn-burner. Man, was the guy on.

“Let me tell you one of the reasons for that: confidence.” And that’s what Trump the exudes. If you wonder what one thing that kind of stands out that makes all of the other aspects of Trump possible, it’s confidence. He strides to that podium and that microphone fearless and confident. He’s confident of the total support he has in the room. He’s confident of everything he’s gonna say.

There isn’t one bit of indecision. There isn’t any doubt. It is a clinic, folks. It is a clinic on how to build, develop, and maintain a bond with a support base, be it voters or an audience, however you want to characterize it. It is a clinic on optimism and positive thinking and bringing everybody up along with you, and it is all in such stark contrast to what we are seeing on the Democrat side.

The Democrat side, as it always is, is permeated with negativism, a dour state of mind, dour facial expressions. There’s no contest. There’s no contest. A-B, side by side, which team do you want to be on? The malcontents, the never happy, the people that don’t even seem to be seeking happiness, where there is no laughter, there doesn’t appear to be any enjoyment.

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