Deranged Leftists Blame Trump for Iran Shooting Down Ukrainian Jet

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from The Rush Limbaugh Show,

Trump said yesterday that Soleimani was planning to blow up the U.S. embassy, and I remember asking, “Is that not news?” Nobody in the media touched on it. Nobody in the media covered it. Now we know why today. It’s because they’re trying to claim that Trump is lying or that he’s wrong about it or that he’s making it up to benefit himself somehow — which is what they’re continuing to say, that everything Trump does is for him.

“He’s putting himself before American policy!” I don’t know how this does that, but that’s their story and they’re sticking to it. I thought it was news yesterday when Trump said that Soleimani was planning to blow up the U.S. embassy — this would be in Iraq, in Baghdad — and if that’s true, that’s reason enough to take the guy out. That’s called “connecting the dots.”

This Jackie Speier, Democrat from California last night on CNN.

SPEIER: I have been briefed on it in the Intelligence Committee, so I’m not really at liberty to say. But if what is being projected is true, uh, this is yet another example of collateral damage from the actions that have been taken in a provocative way by the president of the United States.

RUSH: There you go. We are to blame! It’s our fault here. The question she was asked: “Do you think the Iranians assumed this was some sort of U.S. military plane?” This is about the Ukrainian jet that was shot down. Somehow, this is our fault. Somehow, this is Trump’s fault. Somehow that Ukrainian airliner taking off at Tehran — you know, the Ayatollah International — is Trump’s fault.

These people are loony. It’s delusional.

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