The Environmentalist Wacko Scare Piece I’ve Been Promising

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from The Rush Limbaugh Show,

RUSH: Now to this piece here. The Atlantic is where it was published. I say that the guy is a lawyer. He is a “professor of environmental law,” so he’s probably just an environmentalist wacko, and his piece is entitled, “The Concession to Climate Change I Will Not Make — I’ve never thought we should stop having children.

Climate change takes every notion of individuality out of people. It scares; it frightens; it causes panic. I mean, every element that the left uses to advance its agenda is contained in this one issue. So I ran across this piece over the break. It’s in The Atlantic, which is a widely read by a bunch of liberals online magazine.


What kind of person thinks this way? What kind of person ponders transmitting messages like this to their own sons and daughters? But they’re all over the place, folks. They’re everywhere. This is why I’ve always told our climate scientists, you’re wasting your time debating this issue in terms of science with these people.

This is so beyond science. This is in the realm here that you and I can’t even relate to. You and I would no more raise our kids with this kind of fear and panic and blame and then send ’em off to school where they’re gonna double down on this kind of teaching. And this guy’s — well, he’s not gonna move to India because there’s no Columbia University there to teach environmental law.

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