From NATO Critic To Defender, Trump Calls Macron’s Comments ‘Nasty’

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from NPR,

Sitting next to each other with cameras rolling on Tuesday, President Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron made their differences known on trade, Turkey, Russia, ISIS and the appropriate role for NATO.

Early on in the extended exchange between the leaders of two of the most significant powers in the NATO alliance, Trump expressed confidence that their personal connection could overcome policy disagreements.

“That’s usually the case with the two of us,” Trump said. “We get it worked out.”

But earlier in the day, when Macron was not sitting by his side, Trump had sharp words for the French president. Trump took umbrage with Macron’s recent assessment that the NATO alliance is experiencing “brain death.”

“That is a very, very, very nasty statement,” Trump said of Macron, who in an Economist interview last month questioned NATO’s strength “in light of the commitment of the United States.”

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