All of a Sudden, There Are Whistleblower Lookalikes Everywhere!

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from The Rush Limbaugh Show,

The people who I have thought were the whistleblower are all highly educated. They all come from the creme de la creme of academe. You put a picture of George Soros’ kid that I mistook for the whistleblower last week, you put him side by side with the whistleblower and I guarantee you you’re gonna see what I’m talking about. Then this guy on Fox just minutes ago.

So these are leftist kids. So what does that mean? Well, it’s possible that these are all young men who have grown up with no sports, have been vegan or vegetarian oriented diets thrown at them, eat a lot of tofu and soy, they have been indoctrinated during the chickification of the country. They look like wusses. They look like the Pajama Boy ad that Obama ran for health care. And they seem like they’re popping up like rabbits out there.

And if you combine all this with the chickification of our culture, you look what’s happening on college campi, more and more men are not going, they feel ostracized, they show up there and become targets. They are mistakenly accused of rape, perhaps, they have newspaper stories written about what a bunch of brutes and just predators that they are. These guys don’t look like brutes, they don’t look like predators, they don’t look threatening in any way.

They look totally chickified. And they think differently. They’re all soft little liberals. They’re all governed by whatever it is that governs liberalism. Emotion and touchy-feely and afraid of words. What are we told about him? The whistleblower was shocked, the whistleblower was panicked, the whistleblower was distressed over what he heard on the phone?

What did he hear on the phone? Heard a real man talking to another man on the phone. Donald: Hey, do me a favor, we need to get to the bottom of this crap that’s been going on against me here and I need your help.

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