‘All roads lead to Obama’

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from The Rush Limbaugh Show,

Yesterday at a meeting between Democrat leaders and the president in the Cabinet Room at the White House — a room, by the way, I have been in often (just saying) — Pelosi pitches a hissy fit and storms out because Trump has a “meltdown.” Trump had a meltdown. Trump’s going crazy! Trump can’t deal with all the criticism he’s getting over pulling troops out of Syria. Steny Hoyer and Chuck You Schumer (accompanying Pelosi) ran right out of the White House — and magically, there were the microphones already there waiting for them even though they were leaving the meeting early.

The Democrats tried to engineer a defeat in the Iraq war. The Democrats tried to engineer a defeat in the overall War on Terror. The Democrats have been saying, “We gotta get out of Afghanistan!” They told Obama, “You gotta get us out!” Obama said, “I’ll get you out! I promise, I’ll get you out.” He didn’t. He expanded the number of troops in Afghanistan. Now all of a sudden, the Democrats are in favor of war? Ha! Democrats in favor of war in Syria? The Democrats are now in favor of deploying troops?

No matter the Mueller report, no matter the facts, they’re trying to overcome the facts with a series of never-ending, smothering lies that are repeated daily by the Drive-By Media. Even in her press conference today, Pelosi twice repeated the new talking point, “All roads lead to Putin.” No, they don’t. I’m gonna tell you where all roads lead. All roads lead to Obama. All roads lead to Obama. So now Pelosi and her gang are alleging that Trump pulled out of Syria to help Russia! They don’t have anything!

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