A Teachable Moment: The NBA Sucks Up to the ChiComs

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from The Rush Limbaugh,

The NBA Salutes Its Chinese Overlords

RUSH: This is such a teachable moment what is happening here, and it’s gotten so obfuscated. Let’s start at the beginning on this. No, let’s not. I want to make an observation before starting at the beginning. The beginning is the tweet that the general manager of the Houston Rockets sent out (chuckles), which was a totally harmless tweet showing support for freedom-loving people in Hong Kong pursuing freedom and democracy.

And for that, he was shellacked by the ChiComs. The ChiComs then threatened the NBA, and the NBA originally buckled to it! Until they got the impression that they were doing this all wrong, and now they’re trying to have it both ways. But take a look at what’s happened here. I want to draw an analogy for you.

Okay. So let’s see. The ChiComs bought off the Clintons. The ChiComs bought off the Bidens. The ChiComs bought off Bloomberg. And now they’re in the process of buying off the NBA and all of the woke leftists out there. And you know why. Because of the allure of ChiCom money is just too much for some people.

Meanwhile, there’s one guy waging a war with the ChiComs trying to straighten out this imbalance, and that’s Donald J. Trump. Once again, we have someone on the right side of all of this. I just saw some guy on TV say, “We gotta realize doing business with China’s an exchange program. If we’re gonna export freedom like supporting Hong Kong, then we gotta be willing to import some censorship!” For crying out loud. (Snort!) And then the guy on the air said, “You are really filled with wisdom today, sir.”

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