Trump News Network

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from The Gray Area:

This is something that the media, the Democrats & millions across America don’t understand about Donald Trump, how he communicates and the state of media in our country today.

In this Politico piece describing the exchange between Rep Jim Jordan of Ohio and George Stephanopoulos of ABC This Week, Jordan explains the Trump communications phenomenon to a clueless Stephanopoulos. “You really think he was serious about thinking that China’s going to investigate the Biden family?” the Ohio Republican said. “I think he’s getting the press all spun up about this. Remember, this is the president who’s been tougher on China than any other president.”

Stephanopoulos later asked, “We’re not supposed to take the president at his word?”

Jordan’s response: Trump was just being Trump. His request to China was to make a statement and say “what’s on the minds of so many Americans.”

“You would think after … a few years of following this president, you would understand sort of how this guy communicates. I think that is what he’s doing,” Jordan said.

Jordan is exactly right. Trump says what he thinks, no politically correct filter, no politicians filter. Its raw and honest and today’s hyper sensitive, politically correct media and culture can’t take reality, in your face.

Plus, Trump knows that if you want to get the media to talk about your issue, you have to find a way to get it into the media-verse. Democrats can just by showing up get some allegations set off into a scandal investigation by today’s media. Not a Republican. Those issues get pushed aside as already de-bunked. Even though no one has actually investigated the issue. So Trump, in his daily press scrums, can get the media all worked up by just being Trump and saying what’s on his mind and what he thinks deserves to be in the media discussion. Along with his tweeting, he has become his own News Network.

It’s brilliant. And the media doesn’t get it or know how to handle it. Of course, though, in their defense, they are blinded by TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome), where they have yet to come to grips with Trump winning the 2016 election. And, they can’t believe after almost 3 years of daily trying to get Trump thrown out of office, they continue to fail.

If it wasn’t so serious, it would be funny.

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