Pelosi Caves, Allows Impeachment to Go Forward

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from The Wall Street Journal,

RUSH ARCHIVE: I’m gonna predict when Congress comes back this fall that Pelosi will be forced to cave. That she will be forced to end her resistance because the entirety of her caucus is going to demand official impeachment. … They had visions already that we would be on our way to a trial in the Senate with Trump under the interrogation lights. It hasn’t gone anywhere and precisely because it hasn’t gone anywhere, the left is going nuts. So I think Pelosi will cave. Let me make that as my official prediction. Pelosi will cave when Congress comes back, and the Democrats will complete the trifecta of shooting themselves in the foot and Pelosi will know it the minute she authorizes it, the impeachment of Trump, with one year before the election.

RUSH: And it is. She did. I mean, the Democrats announced it.

in a nationwide sample, you cannot find a poll where a majority of people want Trump impeached, and that’s what Pelosi’s worried about. Now they’ve gone on record. And there’s no way that this could ever come to anything. There’s no way that there can ever be a trial…

So there’s no hope of anything really happening here. Plus, depending on how intense they take this, they’re gonna overshadow their own primary campaign and presidential campaign, which they may actually want to do if Biden ends up being the nominee. Like Hillary, the less he’s out there, the better it is.

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