Reaction to the Behavior of the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team

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from Rush Limbaugh,

This rage and this anger that’s born of the politicization of the gender differences in our country is not healthy. Because once you bring politics into it, as I was saying, you’re gonna have responses. So we’re sitting here minding our own business and some women’s team of something or other comes up, gets on a national stage and is angry and starts ripping men, starts ripping America, starts ripping the president, starts ripping this.

Well, people are gonna respond to it. And the people who respond to it automatically become what? Women haters! They become sexists. They become misogynists. And they didn’t start anything. They’re minding their own business.

And once the reactions start then here comes the people on the left, “You’re mean, you hate women, you’re anti-female, there’s a Republican War on Women,” when nothing of the sort ever existed and doesn’t exist now. It struck me, the calls that we’ve taken on this the past couple of days all are people reacting not to the women’s play on the field and not celebrating that. They’re reacting to the way the women acted afterwards and who they’re criticizing, making a big deal out of not going to the White House. “I’m not gonna spend any time with that ogre.” The media loves it, they give us more of it. People are gonna respond to it.

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