Has the World Gone Crazy, Senator Rubio? Yes!

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from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: Now, I don’t want anybody to misinterpret this as criticism of Marco Rubio. Okay? Remember last week I cited a piece for you from, I think it was The Federalist, and it was a piece by David Harsanyi. He’s a great, great writer. And I asked everybody, please do not get it wrong what I’m gonna say. I am not criticizing Harsanyi. I don’t want anybody sending him notes, saying I was ripping into him today, ’cause I wasn’t.

He just wrote something that really struck me. And it’s beyond being a pet peeve. It’s a genuine concern. And that is I’m amazed at how few people in politics and on our side realize how dire the consequences we face are. Like Mona Charen and the Never Trumpers. They don’t think there’s any crisis in the country, except for Trump. They don’t think there’s any danger that the American way of life as founded is in peril.

“Ah, that’s poppycock talk. There’s nothing to be afraid of. There aren’t any crisis forces out there trying to turn our culture upside down. That’s paranoia.” They don’t see it at all. To them, Trump is the big problem. The Harsanyi piece chronicled all of the perversion and all of the absolute filth that has become of left-wing daily life and politics.

And then he included a line, he said, “If any of this stuff ever becomes mainstream, we’re gonna be in trouble.” And that’s the line that got me. What do you mean if it ever becomes mainstream? It is. It’s mainstream for what percentage of the country? Thirty, 40%? It depends on how you define “mainstream.” But this stuff already dominates entertainment, it dominates pop culture, it dominates education. It dominates mainstream media.

If it becomes mainstream? That’s the problem. It isn’t fringe anymore. It’s happening right now.

The Never Trumpers have proven themselves worthless to us typical because they don’t believe there’s a crisis. They don’t think it’s any more dangerous now than it was in the last 30 years. They don’t see what you see. They don’t see the threat to the culture, the threat to the country, the threat to the society, the threat to the Constitution. We’ve seen it for over 20 years. Been trying to get people to react to it.

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